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wnygoth's Journal

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A community of users who subscribe to the WNYgoth mailing list, or, frequent the WNYGoth scene in some way/shape/form. The list of "Interests" says it all.

We don't have a lot of rules here... but the few we have are quite simple:

Basic "A Degree in Rocket Science is Not Required to understand" Common Sense Rules:

- This is a "closed community" which means that in order to become a "member", you have to request to be added - once you're added, you can post. If that sounds snobby, it's really not meant to.
- No flaming/trolling/fighting. Period.
- This is obviously a small community, so, if you've come to try and show off by acting like a self righteous asshole, you'll just end up removed from the community, thus banning you from future posting.
- No stalkers allowed, and that includes people who join the community just because they know it will make someone else on it uncomfortable - find a new hobby like torturing small woodland animals, or something creative like that.
- If you're going to post something very lengthy, more than one image, or anything that will cause a bit too much scrolling, please use the lj-cut tag.
- Don't use this community for excessive self-advertising or self-promotion. However, please do post up-coming concert dates, events, or anything that might be of interest to this community.

... and other than that, welcome and enjoy! We're really not as bad as we might appear to be.

Currently, this community is mainted by: MissAnthropy.
Questions and comments can be directed to her at: missanthropy@livejournal.com - thanks.